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    Mother Nature’s Belly Pregnancy & Lactation Center’s


    Become a Community Health Worker! The next Labor/Postpartum Community Doula training is coming this Fall. Learn this age old art of caring for the expectant and new mother. Are you going to be part of this birth movement that recognizes the culture, traditions and social issues present among women of color?  We need more doulas of color to effect a change by serving our mothers. Doulas who complete our Community Doula training program are well prepared to offer professional labor and postpartum doula support, while making a huge impact on the racial disparities, infant mortality and reproductive injustices that are present within our communities.

    Training Program Details:
    Cost- $275
    Length – 6 Weeks (Saturday’s 9am – 1:30pm)
    Date & Location – Sept 1-Oct 6, Stone Mountain, GA
    Maximum Participation – 10 Women
    Certificate Awarded – Certified Labor & Postpartum Community Doula

    * Cost includes training, materials, certificate and one year of mentorship post certification.

    The Community Doula training program was developed and is taught by a traditional midwife with nearly 18 years of healthcare/birth related study and experience.  She’s deeply connected to the community and has attended nearly 500 births.

    For more information please contact: Mother Nature’s Belly Pregnancy & Lactation Center @ 404.789.9630 or info@mothernaturesbelly.org.

    Registration is open via this link…   http://mothernaturesbelly.org/?page_id=285  Space is limited so please register early.  All scholarships have been awarded however payment plans are available.


    Asiyah D. Muhsin-Thomas, BS, LPN, CD-B/P, TM
    Founder/Executive Director
    Mother Nature’s Belly Pregnancy & Lactation Center
    P. 404.789.9630
    E. asiyah@mothernaturesbelly.org
    W. www.mothernaturesbelly.org
    F. www.facebook.com/MNaturesBelly
    T. www.twitter.com/MNaturesBelly

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