President & CEO
Kimarie Bugg, MSN, MPH, CLC, is Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) and Change Leader of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE), a nonprofit corporation developed to address breastfeeding disparities in the African American community. ROSE’s mission is to train healthcare providers and community organizations to provide culturally appropriate encouragement, support and clinical care so that African American mothers will breastfeed at higher rates and sustain their breastfeeding experience to match the goals expected by the Surgeon General of the United States.
Kim has worked in a pediatric emergency clinic, special care nursery and has been a bedside breastfeeding counselor in a large metropolitan hospital, managed perinatal and breastfeeding programs at the state level. Kim has served as a technical advisor to Best Start, as well as for the US Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. Kim was a founding member and officer of Georgia breastfeeding task force (coalition) and SELCA. Kim was trained at Wellstart International and has traveled throughout the United States and several foreign countries training healthcare professionals to manage lactation.

Kim previously worked for Emory University, School of Medicine, as a nurse practitioner. She is a member of the national faculty for NICHQ, Best Fed Beginning’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, She also provides the training for WIC Breastfeeding staff and Peer Counselors throughout the southeastern states, a position held proudly since 2005. Kim recently completed a Community Health Leadership Program, within the Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI) at Morehouse School of Medicine that stressed best practices to provide for global health equity and eliminating health disparities through action oriented projects. Kim subscribes to the SHLI motto that “in order to eliminate disparities in health we must have leaders who care enough, know enough, have the courage to do enough and who will persevere until the job is done.”

Director of Community Engagement
Mary Nicholson Jackson, CLC, is Vice President of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE), a non-profit developed to decrease breastfeeding disparities in the African American community. Mary is presently working with Grady Health System's WIC Program as their Breastfeeding Consultant in Atlanta. Mary does daily bedside counseling, support the NICU families who are breastfeeding, teaches perinatal breastfeeding education and coordinates breastfeeding education to Emory and Morehouse medical student for 15 years and other Ancillary Health Divisions of the hospital. Mary is the Co-Chair of the Hospital's Baby Friendly Initiative/Best-Fed Beginning team. Mary has just step down from a two year volunteer position as the President of the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition (GBC) and prior to that as volunteer co-chair of the Georgia Task Force for Breastfeeding. Under Mary's leadership and partnering with the Georgia Maternal Child Health Division and GA AAP, GBC was able to secure a paid PT staff person to help with the day-to-day business of the GBC. Mary has worked as an advisor for the Southeastern Region and National WIC Peer Counselor.

Director of Community Engagement
Betty Neal, RN., M.N., W.H.N.P.C., CLC, is a founding member
of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE). Betty has worked in
women’s health for over 30 years. She completed certification as a Women’s
Health Nurse Practitioner from Emory University. She recently retired
from the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, DeKalb
County Board of Health as a public health nurse and program
administration where she managed, developed and implemented numerous
statewide and local public health programs. Her past experiences include
instruction in a baccalaureate nursing program and mother-baby nursing in
a large urban hospital. She has an passion for mothers and babies and
believes we must support and nurture our mothers who will nurture our

Program Manager
Andrea Serano, CLC, is a passionate breastfeeding advocate originally from North
Hollywood, CA where she attended Mount St. Mary’s College with a major in
Healthcare Policy and minor in Business Administration. During her course of
studies, she participated in the Transforming Communities and Public Policy-
Washington Semester Program at American University. She has interned at
the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Service in the Office on
Women’s Health and at Great Beginnings for Black Babies, Los Angeles.
Andrea has also participated in breastfeeding awareness movements through
the use of social media and assisted in the coordinating of the 2012
Breastfeeding Summit titled, “Reclaiming an African American Tradition”.
Ms. Serano has since moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia, and is now
the Program Manager for ROSE.

Communications and Media Coordinator
Paula Bugg, MS

Breastfeeding Counselor
Tenesha Sellers, CLC, is a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and a
Mother of three. She has had the pleasure of being a part of one of Georgia’s
first pilot Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Programs from the start of 2005.
Tenesha is currently employed with GNR County Board of Health as a proud
Peer Counselor, where she teaches breastfeeding classes and follow moms on
their breastfeeding journey. Tenesha has worked with WIC mothers and their
families using the Loving Support System to help each one to reach their
individual breastfeeding goals for the past seven years. She has received several
certificates and acknowledgements for her work and participation in
advocating breastfeeding in and out of her local communities. She has
promoted breastfeeding in the local high schools where she lives by speaking
to the young teens about the roles of a WIC peer counselor and the
importance of breast milk.

Tenesha was formerly part of Conyers Le Leche League, in which she has
attended several of their conferences. She loves spending time with her three
beautiful breastfed children, talking with mothers about breastfeeding and
enjoying life. Tenesha is passionate about helping mothers and their families
with getting off to a great breastfeeding start.

Assistant Office Manager
Wesley Bugg

Assist with processing payroll and facilitate communication among employees. Provide competent aid to avoid legal or corporate issue such as; ensure compliance with state and federal obligations, communicate with ROSE’s legal department, and organize corporate documents. Also provide miscellaneous services when requested.

RN, IBCLC, Consultant
Rubye Stafford

Asia Ivey

Asia S. Ivey is a rising senior, psychology major at Spelman College. Asia works closely with the President/CEO of ROSE, performing administrative duties throughout the week. She designs flyers for upcoming ROSE events and prepares materials for community transformer trainings. Asia is a proud advocate for issues that impact the African-American community, enjoys spreading the word about ROSE and the importance of breastfeeding.

Administrative Assistant
Geneva Bibbs-Bugg

Graduate of Emory University. Class of 2000. Graduate of The University of West Georgia. Class of 2003. School Counselor for 13 years in the public school system.

Community Transformer Leaderer
Kizzie Collins